About the verses

Inscribed on the Believing Mind

1:  The Perfect Way is not difficult

2:   A hairbreadth of difference

3:  To set what you like against what you dislike

4:  Perfect it is, like vast emptiness

5, 6 and 7:  The Middle Way

8:  Banish words, banish thinking

9:  Return to the Source

10:  The shifting and changing in emptiness

11:  Do not seek the true

12-16:  Do not dwell in dual views

17:  Do not discriminate between coarse and fine

18:  The Great Way is open to all

19:  Letting go, it will happen spontaneously

20:  Be your natural self

21:  Have no aversions

22:  The sage does nothing

23:  The silkworm

24-25:  Gain and loss, right and wrong

26:  If the eye never sleeps

27-28:  The myriad things are of one suchness

29:  Unite motion and stillness

30-32:  This is Enlightenment

33-34:  No other, no self

35-36:  Beyond time and space

37-39:  Undivided is the Believing Mind

Glossary of Buddhist Terms

Deepak Chopra: The Secret of Healing

What is the mind?

What is the body?

Rama is Raised From the Dead

What is love?

There are no problems to solve

The koan

Song of Angya

D. T. Suzuki: Early Memories

D. T. Suzuki: Self the Unattainable

D. T. Suzuki: Zen and Meditation

Passivity in the Buddhist Life

Lester Levenson (1909-1994)

The most direct path to self-realization

Letting go of the ego

D. T. Suzuki: The Unconscious in Zen Buddhism

The Ego and Zen: Richard De Martino

The Self: Lester Levenson

As your mind is, the world is: Lester Levenson

How to become a buddha

Eleven practices to attain first awakening

After the first awakening: Reaching the other shore

Dharma: The true reality

The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats

The flying nun: Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified

Bounding weightlessly across the Tibetan plains: Lung-gom runners

Swami Trailanga (1607-1887)

Death and enlightenment

The Life of Hui-neng, the Sixth Patriarch

Hui-neng: Discourse on Samadhi and Prajna

Hui-neng: How to meditate

Hui-neng: The Maha Prajnaparamita Sutra

Hui-neng: Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures

Hui-neng makes Paradise appear before the assembly

Practicing at home: Hui-neng

Hui-neng’s last sermons

Enlightenment experiences of Zen masters

Alayavijnana: The storehouse of memory

The Lankavatara Sutra: Introduction

Lankavatara: The Six Paramitas

Lankavatara: The Alaya and the evolution of illusion

Lankavatara: Stages of enlightenment

Lankavatara: Instructions for disciples

What is causation?

Enlightenment: Gary van Warmerdam

Lester Levenson: The Ultimate Goal

Tibetan Practices: Alexandra David-Neel

Huang-Po’s Sermon

The question of will


Meister Eckhart: On Performing Works

Meister Eckhart: On Detachment